Pest Control Preparation

Pest Control Preparation

How To Prepare For Pest Control

In order for you to get the most out of our services and pest removal from your home, we recommend you read the below article. In most cases this list is not mandatory but doing these tasks prior to our arrival will help us greatly and also ensure you as the customer receive the best possible service, it will allow us to get into every nook and cranny so we can effectively exterminate/prevent pest problems in your home.

On the day before or day of your service

-Pick up all items up off the floor – including inside cupboards and underneath beds – shoes, clothes, toys, etc.

-Vacuum, floors, carpet, and rugs. Mop all hard floors, ensuring it will be dry and ready before your service.

-Move bigger furniture items ~50cm aw

ay from walls and skirts, this is so we can treat and flush out all pests from some of their favorite places to hide.

-Ensure no food items are left out on benches and tables for the duration of the service.

-Locate the manhole to the roof in your home, and make sure the area underneath is cleared so we can access with a ladder

-Temporarily move outdoor items like dog bedding, dog bowls, shoes, toys, etc. The treatments we use may leave residue on these items when we treat your home so it’s best to have these on the back lawn or somewhere further from your home.

-Rake, sweep or blow away leaves and garden debris from paths and the edges of your home, so we can ensure we apply our treatments straight and not have leaves and other garden debris in the way.

Important preparation if we are treating cockroaches in your kitchen

Cockroaches that congregate in kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms are generally German cockroaches or brown-banded cockroaches, which are well known to be very hard to remove and control. So to treat them properly it takes a bit more preparation so we can get access to all cracks, crevices and harbourage areas.

-Cupboards, drawers, and pantry need to be emptied out temporarily.

-Leave appliances on the bench (so we can treat in case there are cockroaches inside).

-Vacuum and disinfect all benches, cupboards, and drawers including undersides and hinges. This is to remove cockroach eggs and droppings to prevent them returning and also gives us cleaner surfaces to apply treatments on which will make them more effective.

What does the service consist of?

Your service may involve one or more of the following procedures, depending on the service selected and the level of pest infestation.
-Powder application in the roof cavity.

-Internal liquid application to the internal perimeter(skirtings)

-Inspection and treatment inside the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards. If German or brown-banded cockroach are present, this may be a detailed treatment using powders, liquid, and bait gels. We may leave glue boards tucked away inside the cupboard if they are required.

-Liquid application to external perimeter of the house, including window frames, under eaves and gutters, and under patios.

-Additional services we may carry out if deemed it is required at time of service; such as the application of granular ant baits to Gardens, treatment to fences and hedging, or treatment to sheds. This is at the discretion of your experienced technician.

After your service

-Move all furniture back in place.

-Wipe down bench tops with sanitizer.

-Wipe down cupboards and draw prior to moving everything back in – appliances, crockery, cutlery, etc.

-No floor cleaning for the first 48 hrs after the service has been completed. After that, we also recommend just dry sweeping and vacuuming for the next two weeks as this is the most active time for pests post-treatment.

-You can move outside items like pet beds and bowls back into place.

-Windows can be cleaned after service, however, should only be done directly to the glass and hosing of walls and window frames should not occur.

-All spider web should be removed 7 to 14 days after treatment.

What to expect after your service

-You can expect an increase in pest activity around the home. This is generally heaviest in the first 48 hrs and can last up to 7 days. This is due to the treatments driving the pests out of their harbourage areas.

-Your treatments generally last 3 months but can last even longer in undisturbed areas – behind furniture, in the roof cavity. You should expect to see insects appear alive but they will die shortly after coming in contact with our treatments.

-A pest control service does not last forever! So we recommend keeping on top of it to prevent future infestations, so book our services every 3-6 months to keep your home protected.

If you have any questions about this list don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help out.

The Avanteguard professional approach to pest control can provide a long-term solution to your problem and prevent an infestation in the future.

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