How Ants Are Getting Inside Your House

Ants getting in your home can be a seasonal or year-round problem for many people. It can feel like they come out of nowhere making it impossible to stop them in their tracks. The goal of this article is to help you identify where your ant problem is coming from so you can finally take the necessary actions to have an ant-free household.

There are many ways ants can get into your home and it will be different depending on the home itself, so we will cover the most common ways ants are getting inside:


This might be the most obvious way ants get inside – straight through the doorway! Doors left open, especially getting into these warmer months, is an open invitation for ants to take up residence in your home. Although it is not only doors left open. Doors that are poorly sealed are also an easy way ants can get into your home.

We recommend checking the seals at the bottom of your doors and making sure the seal is complete, leaving no room for ants to get underneath.


Windows are another common culprit for letting ants through into your home. Open windows generally always have a way for ants to get inside even with a fly screen. A good idea is to check all the windows in your home for any ant activity and deal with it by hiring a pest control expert to come to treat those entrances to repel the ants.

Cracks and Seams in Walls

Cracks and seams in your walls are inevitable especially the older your home gets, and these cracks and seams can act as highways for ants to get from the outside to the inside of your home.

The main places you should check to see if there are any obvious signs of ants include corners of rooms, where walls meet floors, vents or anywhere else holes may have been created for plumbing or electrical.

Foreign Articles

It is very common for ants to be introduced into your home by bringing objects that were previously outside into your house. This might be a pair of shoes left outside or even a pot plant that has been brought inside for whatever reason.

To avoid these accidents make sure you check anything for signs of ants before you bring it inside.

Utility Lines

The point where your utility lines are entering your home can also be a very common point in which ants are getting into your roof and then into your home. The seals at these points are rarely perfect which leaves major gaps for ants to come straight into your home. So make sure you check these points of your house for any ant activity so you can deal with the issue.

Ants Born Inside Your Home

A chilling thought. If you feel like you have sealed up all entry points for ants they could just be continuing to breed and grow already in your home. It is possible that the ant nest could be in your roof, walls, cupboards or even under your floor.

If this is the case you may have multiple generations of ants living and continuing to reproduce in your home requiring serious action performed by a pest control specialist.

In conclusion, there are many ways ants can get into your home and even once you find the entry point it can be just as difficult to keep them from coming in. This is why we recommend always hiring an expert to treat all possible entrances and existing nests so you can rest easy knowing your not sharing your home with these annoying and persistent pests!


The Avanteguard professional approach to ant control can provide a long-term solution to your problem and prevent an infestation in the future.

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