Why are rodents are threat?

Rodents can wreak havoc – doing incredible damage to property, agricultural interests and are a threat to the health of you and your family (including pets)! Rodents found in and around Wagga Wagga and districts can carry disease through their bite and droppings and are a free ride, so to speak, for lice mites and ticks.

The carrier of any number of diseases, including leptospirosis, infectious jaundice and salmonellosis, rodents have also been linked to asthma.

They contaminate food with their urine, faeces and hair, and have, at times, decimated our agricultural industries.

Rodents can be highly destructive and will destroy furniture, stored items, electrical and telephone wires and structural elements of your home or business like floorboards.

Rodents are not a pleasant problem, nor an easy one to eradicate if you don’t take the appropriate measures.

The use of poisons if not used correctly is harmful to both humans, and pets and livestock. A pest control professional will eradicate your rodent problem through the use of baits, traps and tracking powders.

The specialist team at Avanteguard will also help you identify points of entry and recommend deterrents for long term solution.

How do I know I have a rodent problem?

The tell tale signs are droppings, but you may also hear scratching sounds in walls and ceilings, and scampering sounds as they forage.

The larger rodents, like rats, can also leave smears on walls and surfaces from their greasy coats.

What sort of rodents will I find in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina?

The House Mouse (Mus musculus)

The house mouse is one of the most common rodent pests found in Wagga Wagga’s homes and business. Because of their size they are sometimes mistaken for brown rats, but on closer inspection their big ears and tiny feet will help you distinguish them.

A single mouse can do damage in your home, however, the real threat is their ability to breed prolifically. An initial infestation of mice can quickly evolve into your home being over run by these pests.

Seldom seen during the day, due to their nocturnal nature, mice will build nests in your home. These are most often found in walls and can be there for quite sometime before they become evident.

Apart from the obvious sounds and droppings, mouse urine can be another tell tale sign you have mice in residence. An ammonia like odour lingers for days.

A pest removal company is the safest option for advice and treatment of a mouse problem.

The Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)

Sometimes known as the black rat, this type of rodent was the transmitter of deadly disease responsible for killing millions of people hundreds of years ago.

While the rat is still a disease carrying creature, most of the damage inflicted in the modern day is more direct. Once inside structures like your home or work building, they will nest and breed at a rapid rate. They will chew on paper, cardboard, wood and other materials in their search for food, and defecate and urinate as they go.

They are not overly selective about their source of food, and are just as happy eating your pet’s food as well. They are adaptable creatures, as indicated by survival in all manner of environments over the centuries.

The Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

The Norway rat can be found in Wagga Wagga homes and businesses, sewer systems and burrows in and around garages and sheds.

Like their black rat cousin, they are extremely destructive and will chew anything. They love cereals, but will eat anything, including your pet food and will nest and breed prolifically if left unchecked.

How do I get rid of a rodent pest problem?

A professional rodent removal expert will use a combination of chemical and physical trapping methods, using baiting systems to attract the pests and contain the treatment so their is no risk to human or pets.

The Avanteguard pest control team are highly skilled and will eliminate the current infestation and help you implement safeguards so your structure will remain rodent free in the future.

You can take simple measures to help prevent access and a rodent friendly environment. These include removing overhanging tree branches, moving wood piles and compost heaps as far from your home as possible, sealing cracks and other areas of the home where pests can gain entry.

Book a pest control service with a qualified Wagga Wagga pest control service.

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